Supporting the Sanctuaries for Outcasts in Ghana

The two Camps in Gushiegu

Gushiegu has two settlements for witch-hunt victims. Three kilometres away from town lies “Gushiegu Camp”, housing 45 women. Downtown more than 60 women live in different homes. Some have even found a helpful family who fosters them, others have married again.

Gushiegu Camp
Gushiegu Camp

The blue and green buildings from cement are overcrowded – now clay huts are added. The women here suffer from malnutrition, very hard labour, aging and water-born diseases.

Gushiegu Town
Gushiegu Town

In Town several compounds exist, where women have potable water in reach but are far away from the fields they seasonally are employed to work on. Some complain about indifference of former donations who just went to Gushiegu Camp. We want to tell everyone that Gushiegu has not only Gushiegu camp but more than 100 women accused of witchcraft. As we know all of them, we distribute donations according to everyones needs.

Einfacher Haarschnitt im Gushiegu Camp
Simple Haircut Gushiegu Camp

Showers between the houses let water trickle outside. Goats block us from using grey water to water tomatoes, Bananas and Passion Fruits. Living fences are under construction and hopefully finished next year.

Lehmhauserweiterung in Gushiegu Camp
Traditional huts in Gushiegu Camp

In Gushiegu Camp clay huts are added to provide more space. Whoever is supported by children or relatives could buildt a clay-hut like these. We want to add a larger, moscito-proof clay-hut for visitors and hopefully volunteers.


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  1. Ngota Daniel

    Felix thanks for the good work done. I don’t know you but have heard of you. Hope to see you one day. Best wishes.

    14. November 2011 at 13:26

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