Supporting the Sanctuaries for Outcasts in Ghana

Contact and Account

If you live in Europe or the USA, please use to donate online:

Donations can be ticked as “forward 100 %” and earmarked. You can use Paypal, VisaCard, MasterCard and bank accounts.

If you live in Europe, consider a donation to our German partner organisation if transaction fees are acceptable:

Account:       Hilfe für Hexenjagdflüchtlinge

SWIFT:            HELA DE FF

BIC:                  HELA DE F1 MAR

IBAN:              DE43 5335 0000 0011 0098 59

Adress: “Hilfe für Hexenjagdflüchtlinge”, c/o Felix Riedel, An der Berghecke 22, 35043 Marburg, Germany

The WHVEP Account in Ghana is:

Witch-hunt Victims Empowerment Project


Ghana Commercial Bank

Walewale Branch



Both organisations don’t have charitable status yet but try convincing tax-offices of the charitable status of our work.

We thank you from all our heart for your support! If you write us an email, we will send you a biannual report every six month.

Our German friends adress is:

“Hilfe für Hexenjagdflüchtlinge”

An der Berghecke 22

35043 Marburg, Deutschland

Felix Riedel, An der Berghecke 22, 35043 Marburg


Our own adress:

Simon and Evelyn Ngota

[currently no]


Northern Region


00233 (0)246572329


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