Supporting the Sanctuaries for Outcasts in Ghana


We had been visiting Gushiegu on a regular base since 2009.  Here we are now friends with all women and convinced local authorities to accept our work.

  • A generous donation of Paul Rigter and his friends from the Netherlands amounted 1500 EUR (2750 GhC at that time). This enabled us to buy tools, seeds and fertilizer. Through this we harvested maize in Nabuli and Gushiegu. Every woman got a cutlass made in Ghana. For our project this was an initial spark that meant much to us!
  • In 2010 and 2011 vegetable-seeds were donated from Bio-Saatgut Gaby Krautkrämer and Bingenheimer Saatgut AG.
  • The continuous donations from Nikola Fenner, Gerlind Fenner, Lydia Riedel and Felix Riedel made our work possible since 2009 and we are thankful for that.
  • A donation from Felix Riedel worth 2200 GhC (1100 EUR) made our old Toyota Hillux Pickup run again. We can now transport women to the hospital, buy raw materials and sell the products of the women in town for them.
  • 2,5 Hectares of farmland at Gushiegu Camp were bought through Simon Ngota and opened to the women for gardening and farming. We will plant an orchard on one hectare – from Cashew, Mango, Moringa, Kapok, Mahogany and a variety of other trees. A hedge from Neem will protect the land from goats and wind and provide firewood. Guinea Fowls and chicken can hide unter the trees and in two years we hope to harvest the first fruits.
  • All 110 women at Gushiegu camp were interviewed by Felix Riedel. Now we have better knowledge about witch-hunting among the Konkomba villages around and this knowledge can be used to plan our activities there. Every woman got 3 GhC (1,50 EUR) for the interview.
  • In Gushiegu, Nabuli and Kpatinga every woman got 2 GhC (90 Eurocent, totalling 200 Euro) as a spontaneous gift from Nikola Fenner. Most women bought maize, gari and millet.
  • In Nabuli, Gushiegu and Kpatinga the women were handed out Moringa-seeds and vegetable-seeds. Moringa is a very, very nutritious tree.
  • Felix Riedel donated us a used Laptop (Thinkpad T60), a cell-phone and a used digital camera. Through this we can improve our office work and create files.

Donors can be mentioned and linked. On demand we also publish donations as “anonymous”.

Earmarked donations are possible. Use for international donations:


There are several journalists who visited us in Gambaga and wrote about our work there.

The witches of Gambaga” is an award-winning documentary made by Yaba Badoe. “Die Hexe von Gushiegu” is a book written by the German actor Gerhard Haase-Hindenberg. Karen Palmer wrote the book “Spellbound“.



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