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Children at the Camps

There are children living in all sanctuaries and Ghettoes. Most of them are granddaughters helping their grandmothers in exile, sometimes younger women are accompanied by their own children. Most of the time the children are left at the husbands home and are separated from the mother even in very young age.

In Gambaga Simon Ngota’s former “Gambaga Outcast Home Project” was able to enroll al children at school. School-uniforms and food had to be provided. The son of one woman had achieved secondary school which made all of the women very proud. We want to send all children at the sanctuaries and ghettoes to school and provide a good education for them. This means also to raise a generation with close bonds to witch-hunt victims and a high awareness for their problems.  At Gushiegu Camp a 4-5 year old girl, Zafira, is the only child permanently present.

In town several children are living with their grandmothers.

This child “passed out” and took a nap in the shade of a brick-hut in Kpatinga.

This woman married again in Gushiegu which is an accepted way out of the homes. Sometimes marriage is taken as an indicator for the attitude of neighbouring communities toward the women accused of witchcraft.

This mother has just died. She suffered from a chronical disease (TB likely) and relied on her daughter as a carrier. We registered her in May and sent her to hospital but she interrupted antibiotic treatment because of side-effects. In future, we want to guide the women to the hospital and explain her the treatment and the importance of taking the full course.